Duck Paddock


In our Duck Paddock, we are going to teach you on how to raise ducks.

How to Raise Ducks?

In a Duck Paddock raising ducks is very easy and they don’t require too much. They will live and produce happily as long as you provide them good shelter and quality feed. For keeping a healthy duck flock, you have to maintain and go through some step by step process. Follow the duck raising steps very carefully.

Choose Breeds

Before choosing the best breed for you, consider your reasons for raising ducks and an efficient duck paddock. You can raise ducks for fresh eggs, quality meat and just as pets. After determining your purpose, look for the desired breed in your area. Usually, Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks are considered as the best egg-laying duck breeds. Aylesbury, Muscovy, and Pekin are some popular meat duck breeds. For raising ducks as pets, you can choose any breeds.


Good housing or shelter is not only important for ducks but also very important for every farm animals. So try to ensure good housing facilities for your ducks. A good duck paddock system will keep your lovely birds safe from predators as well as from adverse weather conditions and harmful elements. Ducks need shade from the sun, good ventilation system during summer season and insulation during winter. Try to make their house on a higher ground rather than in flood-prone areas. Add a proper lighting system and a heat lamp inside their house. This will add extra warmth for them during cooler weather, and also encourage them for laying more eggs (as the presence of light influence egg production highly). Usually, ducks don’t require too much room space for themselves. Allowing them 2 to 3 square feet of floor space per duck will be sufficient enough. Keep nesting boxes for laying ducks inside the house. Setup a lockable door with their house. This will give you access to clean the house and collect eggs while keeping the predators out. You can make the litter on the floor by using dry absorbent materials (such as wood shavings or straw). If you use soiled bedding, then clean the litter frequently and add additional dry litter. In a word, make the house comfortable enough for your ducks.

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Duck Paddock