Divine Mercy Prayer Garden

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Located at the heart of Brgy. Atate, Palayan City is the Divine Mercy Prayer Garden also known as the “14 Stations of the Cross Prayer Garden”. It is a place of prayer, reflection, and meditation.

The Stations of the Cross is a popular devotion consisting of meditations at each station. Statues at fourteen stations in the prayer garden represent stages during the events in the hours leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion.

For many Filipinos, the Lenten season is a time to not only reflect on the sacrifices of Christ. It also a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Holy Week is one of the longest and most anticipated holidays in the Philippines.  Deciding, where to go to celebrate it, is cause for much excitement.

There are a number of top churches you should consider visiting during your Visita Iglesia outside of Metro Manila, all beautifully decorated and sure to make your trip a memorable experience.

The entrance of the Divine Mercy Prayer Garden.If you’re stressing out because you do not have a plan in place for lent or reflection, we have you covered.

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Divine Mercy Prayer Garden
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