Divine Mercy Chapel

Divine Mercy Chapel

During the Divine Mercy Hour, every Catholic in the world pauses for a silent prayer for the divine mercy at three o’clock in the afternoon. God appeared to her through a vision of Jesus in a white garment with rays that denote blood and water which flowed out from his heart according to the diary of Sister Faustina. In various shrines around the world, the image of His tender mercy is venerated and celebrated.

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Divine Mercy Chapel in Atate, Palayan City was built a year later in 2000 through the effort of private individuals who are devotees of the Divine Mercy. If you dream of having a beautiful, intimate wedding, the Divine Mercy Chapel will make you want to just run away and make it happen!

Inside the chapel of the Divine Mercy located at Atate, Palayan City

Furthermore, it holds weekly masses, confessions, healings, and counseling. The chapel aims to serve as the center of dialogue and healing for all the people, especially in Palayan City. It hopes to reach out to everyone in need and to renew its faith by devotion.

In addition, the mass schedule is every Saturday, at 6 o’clock in the evening. The mass celebrant is Rev. Fr. Angelo Paul M. Fernando, the current parish priest of Sta. Cecilia Parish, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.

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Divine Mercy Chapel
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