Bacao Reforestation

Bacao River

Bacao Reforestation Area

Scenic view of the mountains.

Bacao Reforestation Area is located at Sitio Bacao, Brgy. Dona Josefa Palayan City. It is a perfect place to sincerely connect with God, nature and yourself.

Moreover, its beautiful scenery of green trees and mountains surrounding a clean flowing river is very relaxing.

For instance, you can sit on big boulders while listening to the sound of the flowing river with the fresh wind coming from the mountains. Going to the nearby river where you can enjoy eating and picture taking is a must!

Kukuwit Falls (Photo Credits: Iroz Soriano)

More than the amazing views, reforestation areas can also help humans to address world hunger issues and deal with water usage and availability. Restoring forests has many benefits on the entire ecosystem. Reforestation can also help to supply jobs for those who lack the skills to be employed in other industries. Therefore, it benefits not only the environment but the economy as well.

Currently, Rev. Fr. Chito Beltran, head of the diocesan Tribal Filipino Apostolate, is the designated point man who continually leads the development of the area with the help of the tribesmen.

Together, let us make Earth a safe place to live.

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Bacao Reforestation
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