Aulo Dam

Aulo Dam

Experiencing Aulo Dam and Mt. Mapait

(Photo Credits: Iroz Soriano)

Situated at Brgy.  Aulo, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, Aulo Dam is an artificial lake created by a dam that is often called “Aulo Dam” is a few kilometers away from the poblacion area of Palayan City. Road conditions are good and vehicles can manage to get near the dam.

(Photo Credits: ByaheniPogs)

For instance, if you are up to snakehead hunting Aulo Dam is the place to be. There are two species snakehead found in this water reservoir Dalag (Channa striata) and Toman (black mask, channa micropeltes).

Mt. Mapait

Indeed, mountains are like human beings: Their heights can impress us, but in the final analysis, they don’t have to be tall to be interesting. For instance, Mt. Mapait may not technically be considered a true mountain, however, it is a nice hiking destination nonetheless – a scenic spot at the heartland of Nueva Ecija.

At the summit of Mt. Mapait with the overlooking view of Aulo Dam (Photo Credits: Byahe ni Pogz)

Also, made up of grassland slopes with some kaingin fields – the hiker is offered scenic views of Aulo Lake, the surrounding plains, and a distant but ever-majestic Mt. Arayat at the top. Moreover, Novo Ecijanos looking for a campground can either retreat to the forested portion past the highest point – or head back to the lakeshore, either way, it is a nice nature trip!

Summit of Mt. Mapait (Photo Credits: Glomarie Lising)

In conclusion,  people must be responsible and respect nature when they set foot to these places. Let us preserve and nurture the beauty and Mapait and Aulo Lake for the next generation to see and experience.


Transportation Public
(1) Bus: Cubao to Cabanatuan (P 200.00, 3-4 hours)
(2) Jeep: Cabanatuan Terminal to Brgy. Santolan, Palayan City (P 25.00, 45 mins)
*Tell the driver to drop you at Kanto Santolan
(3) From Kanto Santolan you can either walk going to Leia-Lanz Resort (10minutes) or ride a tricycle in 3-5 minutes for 10pesos each (3 or more passengers).
Private: Fastest way to Cabanatuan from Manila is via NLEX and then SCTEX – take La Paz exit and head east to Cabanatuan. Then follow the road to Palayan City via Cabanatuan City.
Hiking notes Nueva Ecija mountains can get very hot. Sun protection and sufficient water are advised, and so is an early start if possible.
Water sources  None
Cellphone signal  Present in most parts of the trails (Globe; Smart)
Facilities at jumpoff Sari-sari stores
Restrooms / wash-up places

Note: Hiking during the rainy season is not advisable as the trails may be dangerous. Better check the weather conditions before going into the trip.

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Aulo Dam
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