Farm Tour


FEE: P 80.00/pax inclusive of the following:

  • Entrance Fee to Leia-Lanz Farm Resort inclusive of the use of swimming pools during your tour.
    *You can rent a cottage at the resort for an additional fee. For the list of cottages, CLICK HERE.
  • Refreshing C-Blast Drink (Palayan City’s famous Calamansi Drink)
  • Access to the Calamansi Farm and Fishing Pond
  • Experience the Calamansi “Pick and Purchase” during harvest seasons


Farm Tour Experience

Farms are important part of our world, not only because of the food it provides us, but also because it helps to promote and protect food systems.

Farm tour or Agri-tourism is the practice of visiting agricultural sites to see farms and often to participate in farm activities. Moreover, it includes different kinds of attractions.  These experiences often include a wide range of activities that happens in farming areas.

Farm tour includes feeding domesticated animals like ducks.
Feeding animals on a farm can be fun!

Farm Tour is a type of vacation in which hospitality is offered by Leia-Lanz Farm Resort which may include the opportunity to assist with farming tasks during visits. In addition, tourists have an opportunity to pick fruits and vegetables on seasons, ride carabaos, and a lot more.

Besides, this unique environment offers several opportunities to enhance one’s knowledge about rural culture, local farming techniques, and nature.

Fresh Calamansi harvested from the farm tour during seasons.
Fresh Calamansi harvested from the farm.

The activities and sights available at a farm promote the development of different skills in children. In addition, it will also encourage them to take small steps to protect the environment.

Farms are great destinations to visit and get away from the urban jungle and get some much needed fresh air.

Enjoy the sceneries of Palayan City. Participate in our day-trip-package and experience actual farming. Click here!


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