Rules and guidelines inside the Leia Lanz Resort must be observed properly. Customers are advised to take all necessary precautions for safety.

Inside the resort rules and guidelines

  1. Always accompany your children & PWD (Person with Disability) companions at all times.
  2. Take care of your belongings and valuables.
  3. Always place your trash in the designated trash bins around the resort
  4. Observe proper swimming attire.
  5. Not allowed in the pool area are foods and beverages.
  6. Do not leave your things unattended.
  7. Take the necessary precautions. The resort will not be liable for any accidents or injuries.
  8. The Resort reserves the right to refuse service to guests disrupting order in the Resort.
  9. No smoking in the pool area.
  10. Prohibited item: pointed knives and tools
  11. Lastly, the use of videoke is until 10 PM only.

Pet Owners Guidelines and Pet Rules

  1. Pets SHOULD have all recommended vaccinations currently up-to-date from their respective licensed veterinarians.
  2. All pets MUST be in good general health.
  3. Pets SHOULD have diaper, cage or crate (must not obstruct the view of pets) and leash before entering the Resort.
  4. Please DO NOT ABANDON your pets without your supervision.
  5. Pets are prohibited near any of the pool areas.
  6. Any pet exhibiting dangerous aggressive behavior towards a person or another pet will not be allowed.
  7. Pets must have a diaper always.
  8. Pet owners are responsible for all personal injuries and/or property damage related to their pet(s).

Swimming Attire in the Swimming Pool

  • Male: Garterized / Cycling shorts, Trunks, shirt
  • Female: Bathing suits, Cycling shorts, shirt
    *Maong Shorts are prohibited in the Swimming Pool.

About Us

Located in the heart of Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, Leia Lanz-Farm Resort wants to exceed guest expectations. With its friendly staff, the resort wants to make the guests feel as comfortable as their own home.

Furthermore, our resort is also a perfect place for family and friends to have fun and relax. With this in mind, the owners guarantee that the place is worth coming back for.


Our rates are very affordable. For instance, you can plan your vacation, team building, and other activities or visit ahead of time. We wanted you to enjoy our resort and facilities within your budget range.