History of Leia Lanz

The history of LEIA-LANZ FARM RESORT started the year 2014. Located in Brgy. Santolan, Palayan City, the resort named after the grandchildren of Mr. Mauro and Mrs. Liwanag Reyes, Leia, and Lanz. According to history, Leia-Lanz Farm Resort was not initially constructed for commercial purposes.

In the year 2015  the owner, Mr. and Mrs. Reyes, decided to open it to the public. It has been the first farm resort built in Palayan City. After its opening, people of all ages came to visit from other places near and far. Because of its affordable package, the owner felt a new hope to continue and from there, he has developed and improved the resort.

Furthermore, different kinds and sizes of pools had built for different ages that created a place of full relaxation, appealing ambiance and green surroundings.

To this day, the owner could not stop thinking and continuously innovating to develop his dream and make Leia-Lanz Farm Resort more appealing to the eye, relaxing to the mind and soothing to the soul of its visitors.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you are sure to find joy that will suit your preference at Leia-Lanz Farm Resort.

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